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Shuangfu FangPartner

Mr. Fang specializes in Civil and commercial litigation and arbitration in intellectual property, foreign-related commercial, maritime and corporate.

Mr. Fang has extensive practical experience in the area of litigation and arbitration. He has handled a large number of civil and commercial litigation and arbitration cases, providing quality and efficient legal services for many multinational companies, large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises.

Education background

Mr. Fang graduated from the law school of Jilin University in 1992, obtained a master's degree in law from Zhejiang University in 2000, and is a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.

Working experience

1992-2008 in a high people's court engaged in civil and commercial trial work;

2008-2010 in King & Wood Mallesons as a partner; 

Public affairs

Arbitrator at Hangzhou Arbitration Commission

Arbitrator at Hangzhou Intellectual Property Arbitration Court, 

Arbitrator at Quzhou Arbitration Commission, 

The Deputy Secretary-General of Zhejiang Intellectual Property Law Research Association

Academic Publications

(2003). Jurisprudential analysis of the application of WTO rules in trials [WTO规则审判适用的法理分析]. 法律适用, 000(001), 34-37.

(2003). On the Legal Nature of Soft Terms in Letters of Credit and Judicial Remedies[论信用证软条款的法律性质与司法救济]. 人民司法, 000(005), 28-31.

 (2006). 请求确认不侵权之诉案件若干问题探析--从一起请求确认商标不侵权案谈起the research on the issues about suit of claim for confirming non-infringement--with a case from claim for confirming noninfringement involving trademark. 电子知识产权, 000(003), 50-53.

(2008). Regulation of judicial recognition of well-known trademarks[司法认定驰名商标的规制]. 法治研究.

(2006). Determination of trademark infringement in foreign-labelled production[涉外定牌生产中商标侵权行为的认定]. 电子知识产权(12), 43-46